API Shipping

Shipping API

Improve despatch efficiency by integrating your systems with ours

Perfect for tech savvy customers who are comfortable with an API solution.

At a Glance 

  • Available with a Royal Mail Business Account
  • Flexible to your despatch needs, so you can continue processing shipments in a way that suits you
  • 24 hour self-serve access, 7 days a week
  • Efficient, fast response times so your system won't slow down

Manage everything you need for shipping

Our latest API Shipping solution provides fast response times to API calls, with an improved infrastructure and audit logging process to ensure your customer journeys are monitored. 

Plus you can scale up your despatch easily, adding as many workstations to your account as you need and across multiple locations.

API Shipping offers you a range of features and benefits including:

  • Update shipment details easily
  • Cancel shipments and ensure you're billed correctly
  • Include CN23 documentation for international shipments
  • Use a combination of API Shipping and our web-based Pro Shipping solution, or mix the interfaces to suit your workflow
  • Benefit from a range of downloadable label formats to suit your different parcel types

It’s easy to set up with API Shipping

  1. Sign up to a Royal Mail Business Account.   
  2. Sign up on the API (Developer) Portal.
  3. Register your application.
  4. Request approval.
  5. Test your integration in our sandboxed on-boarding environment.
  6. Start managing all your shipping from your own systems.

Things to think about before choosing this option

  • You’ll need an IT team with previous experience of integrating APIs
  • API Shipping is free but you'll need to self-fund any implementation costs

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