TIS Advertising Mail Incentive

A checklist of what you'll need before you start your application:

1. Applicant details
• Company name (as registered with Companies House)
• Contact details (including email address)
• Details of any agent that is managing your application (optional)

2. Royal Mail Account Numbers
If you have postage accounts in your own name that are used when posting Advertising Mail, you will need to provide full details.

3. Access Operator and UCID details
Only required if you post through Royal Mail Wholesale.

4. Mailmark Supply Chain ID (SCID)
Only required if you are using Mailmark products. If using Mailmark the customer must be the mail originator in any SCID linked to this application.

5. Full details of your planned test and how it will be measured

6. Forecast test volume
• Product type: Mailmark/ Non-mailmark 1400 sort
• Format – Standard postcards are not supported please see Machinable Postcard & One Piece Mailer Specification for eligible postcards
• Weight band

Please note: You will be unable to submit this application if the start date is within 10 working days.

Required fields


You are an agent if you are submitting the application on behalf of the customer who will benefit from the incentive.

Please ensure the above question is answered before continuing.


Please enter your details if you are acting as the Agent and submitting this application on behalf of the customer.

You and the customer will receive an acknowledgment email with a PDF copy of the application once this form is submitted. When the customer receives the confirmation email, we will inform them how we use their data they will be asked to reply confirming that they have read and understood the terms detailed in section 6. You should inform the customer how we intend to use their data as described in section 5. You are not required to accept the Terms & Conditions in section 6.



1. Customer information

Enter the details of the customer benefiting from the incentive.


Additional contact

If you want a PDF copy of the submitted application to be sent to an additional contact please enter their company name and email address below. The additional contact will also be sent full details of the outcome of your application unless you tell us otherwise. Please leave blank if not.


2. Customer supply chain details that will be used for this incentive

Mailmark Supply Chain ID (SCID)

The customer shown in section 1 of this form must be the Mail Originator within any SCID that links to this application.

Additional information: Royal Mail Mailmark® service provides customers and Royal Mail with reporting and management information on mailings. The Mailmark service requires customers to include a barcode on their mail piece. The Mailmark barcode has specific requirements customers need to adhere to and must contain a unique item reference number and a Supply Chain ID. The Supply Chain ID allows us to attribute the posted volume to the correct customer. To use Mailmark services and qualify for an incentive you have to be a participant in the Mailmark supply chain. If you are not already set up as a participant please contact mailmark@royalmail.com

Postage accounts

Please list the Royal Mail postage accounts that will be used for this incentive.

Access Provider details

Please list all Access Provider and reference all the UCID numbers that will be used to post your test volume. (Leave blank if you do not post through an Access Provider)

Please enter the details of the Access Provider who invoices you for your mailing. The Access Provider may not be responsible for handing over your mail to Royal Mail.

UCID is the unique, identifying number assigned to you by an Access Provider for your mailings. You are likely to have multiple UCIDs if you post from more than one site and/or post under more than one postage account.


3. Proposed use of the incentive


4. Forecast and product details

Volume forecast by month

Enter the expected volume you intend to post within each month. Month 1 must align with the first posting date.

Volume forecast by product

We require a breakdown to enable us to accurately forecast your potential credit award.

Please list the product(s) and respective volumes you intend to mail under the Promotion. Please note: Non Mailmark items only qualify for a credit if posted using 1400 sortation.


5. Use of your data

Please note that this section can only be completed if you are the customer submitting the application.

We will email to you to let you know we have received your application and will use the information you have provided in it to process it.

We may also use that information, including your name and contact details (email address and telephone number), to contact you to discuss customer incentives that may be of interest.

We will also inform the mail delivery provider under whose contract you are posting that you have made this application, so they can manage the contract relating to this incentive application.


6. Terms and conditions

Please note that terms can only be accepted if you are the customer submitting the application.

I have read and understood the

Royal Mail Group Incentive Scheme Framework Terms 

and the

Royal Mail Group Advertising Mail Testing and Innovation Scheme Incentive Terms

I am duly authorised to make this application on behalf of the Customer named above.