Pre-sorted Delivery

Simplify your inbound mail operation

Pre-sorted Delivery

Simplify your inbound mail operation

Your mail arrives in Pre-sorted bundles

  • We'll sort your post into up to 64 categories
  • You can get your mail early - with a guaranteed delivery time
  • Save time and space as we sort your mail on our premises

We’ll deliver your mail in separate bags or bundles, sorted by the categories you selected. These categories can be department, unit, division, workstream - whatever works for you - as long as they appear in your business address.

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Since this is a tailored service, we’ll need some information before we provide a price. You can talk to your Account Manager or give us a call on 03457 950 950, and we can chat about what you need.

  • Pre-sorted Delivery is available to customers receiving more than 6,000 items a day,
  • You’ll need to have an account with Royal Mail,
  • and already be spending £5,000+ a year with us.

What’s the difference?

You can use Selectapost when you receive up to 6,000 items a day and sort them in 25 or less categories. Pre-sorted Delivery is for volumes of over 6,000 items, which can be sorted in up to 64 categories..

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