Start exporting with Royal Mail

Explore the full potential of your business by expanding into other countries

Start exporting with Royal Mail

Explore the full potential of your business by expanding into other countries

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Royal Mail delivers a world-class export service, through partnerships with leading delivery providers in 230 countries and territories. Not only is Royal Mail recognised and trusted around the world, but the final-mile delivery in your destination country is made by a service your customer recognises and trusts.

If you’re ready to get started right now, you can use Click & Drop to export small numbers of items without an account. Or take a few minutes to set up an account, link to your online marketplaces, and start enjoying the convenience and savings today.

Exporting is GREAT

Get advice on export planning and financing – including guides to major markets – from the Department for International Trade
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Royal Mail have helped us turn a small niche business into an international brand

Imtiyaz Sama, Sama Superstore

International delivery, great value, worldwide reach

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How to start exporting

Work out how exporting can help your business and what you hope it will deliver. Do your research – you need to know there is a demand for your product.

Check out the in-country competition – if there are several companies doing what you do, it might be hard to gain a foothold.

What have your competitors done that worked, or didn’t work? What can you do better, and is there an opportunity they have missed?

Do your sums to make sure you can grow profitably. Remember to factor in currency fluctuations.

Read our Delivery Matters reports to understand the behaviour of online shoppers in key international markets:

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98% of Tamebay sellers chose ‘ease and price of shipping and fulfilment’ as the most important logistical reasons for choosing where to sell overseas.*

Make sure you can deliver your product and won’t be hampered by red tape or rules on prohibited and restricted goods.

Work out how you will sell your product. Make sure there is a good infrastructure like a well-known market place such as eBay.

Check on in-country customs entry levels – i.e. the maximum value of goods you can sell before you attract charges. Be clear about your VAT responsibilities and decide whether you or the recipient will take on that responsibility.

You might already be using Click & Drop for domestic postage. If so, you’ll know how easy it is to keep track of shipping with our automated tool. You can even connect it to all your online channels and marketplaces.

Exporting is easy with Click & Drop too. Find out how to complete customs information using Click & Drop.

Pick a country that speaks your language. It makes it easier to maintain good customer service, plus dealing with suppliers will be much easier.

Once you’ve selected a target market you need to get to know the local culture and laws. Build up your contacts by attending trade fairs.

It’s best to focus on one or two overseas markets at first. Keep learning as you go, and seek feedback from your new customers and supply-chain partners.

They will help you evaluate your products or services for international trade, identify export opportunities, and put an infrastructure in place to support your plans.

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