Four foolproof marketing techniques you should be using

Don’t miss out on these marketing techniques to help promote your business and boost your acquisitions

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You’ve exhausted all the popular, tried-and-tested marketing techniques. Some may have succeeded, attracting interest and attention to your product or service. Nevertheless, you can’t shake that feeling of ‘could I do more?’

If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is probably yes. We have four marketing tactics to inspire you:

1. Exchanging value for email addresses

Email can be a great tactic for driving sales, but how do you go about getting the emails of prospects who aren’t already customers?

Insight-packed eBooks and white papers can be used in B2B markets to generate leads, while social media contests are a great way to collate emails for consumer prospects.

By exchanging something that’s relevant to your audience for their contact details, you’ll find that both parties gain from the trade. Your audience receives information or a chance to win something of interest to them, while you gain the contact details of a customer who’s registered an interest in your business and services.

An email database of people with a genuine interest in your business means you have an audience that you can provide relevant information to and sell to.

Use value exchange to collect emails. Provide your customers with valuable and relevant information.

2. Using question and answer sites to generate traffic

Talk directly to your audience, give them the information they need and position yourself as an expert. Sites such as Quora and Stack Exchange allow people to ask questions that other users can answer.

Q&A sites serve as the ideal platform to sell your product or service as a solution to people who have needs or wants related to your business.

Identify topics, categories and search phrases that relate to your business’ offering. Then source questions where you can offer a solution, embedding links to helpful resources on your site or others. Be open and honest in your responses by providing the most accurate answers and content to appropriately match the questions.

Talk to your customers and prospects on the channels where they ask questions.

3. Running ads on second-tier social networks

With combined users totalling over 2 billion people, Facebook and Twitter are the obvious first channels to source your audience. But are they the best, and will they communicate your message in the right way?

There’s a wealth of social media channels and sites where you might reach your audience in a more engaged way. Consider that growing channels like Snapchat have more video views than Facebook – or a user-generated aggregation site like Reddit boasts 8 billion page views each month with a highly engaged audience. Identifying where your audience typically engages will help you target them in a more effective manner.

Used in the right context, these have the potential to engage audiences more successfully than sponsored posts on the larger social media channels.

Find your engaged audiences on lesser-known social networks and aggregator sites. You might get a better response.

4. Direct Mail

The number of ways to contact potential customers directly has grown exponentially in the last 20 years, especially given the sheer amount of social media platforms now available to businesses. However, the effectiveness of direct mail is still at the forefront of a strong marketing campaign.

One of the key advantages it has over other methods of contact is that direct mail can be applied to all UK households, so a large audience can be reached.

In our lifestages research report we identified that people at all stages of life engage with and value mail, from young adults living at home to families and retirees.

Statistics gathered from these groups show how important direct mail is not only for keeping in touch, but also in eliciting action. For example, young people sharing a property are twice as likely to provide personal details to companies who use direct mail.

Interestingly, older parents whose children have moved out spend a staggering 18 minutes a day on average reading mail.

Make a tangible connection with your audience. Mail leaves a lasting impression.


There’s never been a better time to add direct mail to your marketing mix. To discuss how direct mail can boost your marketing results in this digital world, contact our team of marketing experts for a free demo.