Prices 2022

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Price update from 7 March 2022

We will retain our existing prices for standard Door to Door bookings from Monday 7 March 2022, for distributions taking place on or after Monday 28 March 2022 and up to 4 March 2023.

For more information on our prices, the Door to Door Rate Card for March 2022 is available here to download in PDF format. 

Door to Door rate cardpdf, 4.2 MB - effective 7 March 2022

Price changes from 4 January 2022

Prices are changing for some of our VAT exempt items purchased online from 4 January 2022

  • 1st and 2nd Class Parcels

Download our Online Price Guidepdf, 4.52 MB - valid from 4 January 2022

Prices are changing for the following Royal Mail products from 4 January 2022

  • Royal Mail Advertising Mail* 
  • Royal Mail Business Mail
  • Subscription Mail
  • Royal Mail Publishing Mail
  • Response Services 
  • Partially Addressed Mail
  • Poll Card Mailing Option 
  • Selectapost, Early Extraction and Pre-Sorted Delivery

Environmental considerations are a fundamental part of the way Royal Mail operates in the UK. We want our customers to mail sustainably so we have created new Environmental Guidance that we are encouraging customers using our Advertising Mail, Business Mail, Publishing Mail and Subscription Mail products to follow from 4 January 2022. The guidance can be found at Please note that we are not mandating for customers to adopt the specifications within the guidance.

*With the introduction of the revised Environmental Guidance, we have taken the decision to simplify our Advertising Mail product variants and will be withdrawing the Sustainable Advertising Mail product on 3 January 2022. From 4 January 2022 customers currently posting using the Sustainable Advertising Mail product will need to post via the existing Advertising Mail product or an alternative third-party product, which will be available via customers’ Online Business Account. Customers migrating from Sustainable Advertising Mail to Advertising Mail will not adversely be affected.

Prices are changing for our Publishing Mail product from 4 January 2022 and Profile Price discounts are being reduced to zero in April 2022

Publishing Profile customers will attract lower prices by switching to Subscription Mail or Standard Publishing Mail. To switch to Subscription Mail or Standard Publishing Mail please contact your account manager or email

Download your price guides and rate cards here:

Prices are changing for International Business Contract products from 4 January 2022

  • International tracking and signature services (country-priced): We will be reducing our prices for tracked and signature service. In particular, Tracked parcel prices into France, Canada and Poland will see significant (>10%) reductions
  • Untracked International Business Products (country-priced): We will be changing our prices to reflect changes in delivery and conveyance costs – please consult the Price Guides for more detail on these changes
  • Zonal-priced international services (Tracked, untracked and Response): We will be increasing all zonal product base prices by 4-6%.

Download your price guides and rate cards here:

We are removing the majority of temporary air carrier supplements

For the majority of destinations, we have removed temporary air carrier supplements. We’ve done this because air capacity costs are currently forecast to become more stable in 2022. This allows us to account for air costs (alongside other operational costs), in our business contract prices, which is part of the normal review of costs and pricing. We’ve retained separate air carrier supplements for four destinations, where the forecast costs for air capacity are still not sufficiently predictable to accommodate them in our normal pricing. 

The air carrier supplement will still apply to Tracked, Tracked & Signed, Signed and Untracked services to the following four countries:

  • China
  • Russia
  • Iceland
  • Israel

Please visit for the latest air carrier supplement prices into these destinations.

Download your rate card here:

International Surcharge

Royal Mail introduced an International surcharge to help us respond to the impact of the volatile currency market on key cost areas for our business; fuel, conveyancing and International delivery charges. A flexible International surcharge enables us to keep prices as low as possible while enabling us to react to future currency and fuel related cost changes.

We are delighted to announce that, following favourable movements in Sterling exchange rates, we will be reducing this surcharge from 6.5% to 4%.

To keep up to date on the level of International Surcharge please visit