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Door to door 2 Minutes

Open doors for your business

If you’re a small, local business, we understand you need to reach customers in the areas you serve, fast and affordably.

Whether you’re a local tradesman, opening a new neighbourhood restaurant or running a taxi company in the area, promoting your business and what it offers is key to attracting new customers.

Royal Mail’s Door to Door service is an easy and cost-effective way to get your flyers, leaflets, menus and brochures in the hands of your future customers. Better still, we can help you design your promotional marketing, decide which customers to send it to and deliver it straight into their homes.

Door drops are read
92% of people who receive a door drop read it

Drop drops drive customers online
59% of people visit a company’s website

Drop drops drive sales
67% of people were prompted to make a purchase

The impact of door drops is long proven and you can expect to see visits to your website and calls to your business increase almost immediately.

However, there's a lasting impact from door drops too. Like other items of mail, they’re well known for being retained in the home. Many of us stick them on the fridge, pin them to a noticeboard or place them in a draw to refer back to in the future.

In fact, the average door drop is revisited three times and, importantly, it’s also shared with others. For every 100 people sent a door drop, another six people see it – which is vital for drumming up new business.

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