Discounts for small business customers

Find out how to get volume discounts on postage with a Royal Mail business account

You don’t need to be a big corporation to get a Royal Mail account and discounts on postage. We help thousands of small businesses or single marketplace sellers save on postage every day. Find out what you need to do and read some customer sample situations.

At a Glance 

  • If you spend £5,000 annually on postage you could qualify for an account
  • Save with volume-related discounts
  • Be invoiced monthly - 30 day terms
  • Apply even if you send occasionally but meet our threshold

Typical spend to get a business account*

£20 average per day, £100 average per week, £400 average per month, or £5,000 total per year

More than 20 parcels per week

*Please note these are only averages and individual volumes may vary when qualification for an account is approved.

What do I need to send to get a discount?

Personal marketplace seller

Jack sells lots of home made items and collectibles throughout the year and sends out a mixture of parcels and large letters on a daily basis. He adds up his weekly postage costs which exceeds £100 a week.

Based on this Jack was able to get an account.

Seasonal sender

Sally runs a costume shop and generally sends out large volumes of parcels only around Halloween time and during the party seasons. During these period times she knows she hits over the £5,000 threshold to get an account.

Based on this Sally was able to get an account and a discount.

Sending business invoices

Jane manages the finance department in a small company and generally only send high volumes at the end of the month. Each month she sends out about 700 letters.

Based on this Jane was able to get an account.

What kinds of accounts are there?

There are two types of credit account you can apply for.

Standard account

With a standard account, you prepare and send your mail and complete an order using Online Business Account (OBA). We send you a weekly invoice.

We’ve made it easy to set up a credit account. In fact, it takes just three easy steps:

  1. Read our Terms and Conditions.
  2. Contact us (see details top right)
  3. We’ll carry out a standard credit check before we open your credit account.

Credit balance account

With a credit balance account, you pay money into your account in advance. Each time you send mail, we deduct the postage cost from your account. When your credit is running low, you simply top it up.

Account terms

These PDF icon Royal Mail Account Terms  set out the different ways you can pay postage for the postal services we provide to you and should be read in conjunction with the PDF icon Royal Mail General Terms and Conditions, and the terms and conditions for each of your services.

Credit policy

The credit policy explains how we determine credit limits and provide credit accounts, as well as outlining our standard payment terms.

What are volume related discounts?

As an account customer you may be eligible for volume related discounts if your mailing meets the entry requirements. You don’t need to claim this discount - we will apply it to your invoice automatically. Both the gross cost and the volume discount will be listed clearly on your invoice.