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Catalogues 2 Minutes

The power of printed catalogues

Catalogues are holding an important role in business growth today, putting brands and products directly into the hands of customers.

If you sell through a website or through an online marketplace, you may have never considered marketing beyond the digital channels. But today, more than ever, catalogues are driving sales for businesses like yours. As well as putting your products into the hands of your customers, they let you establish a brand identity that can be hard to achieve on anonymous marketplaces.

75% of people say catalogues can give them ideas for things to do or buy*.

Catalogues create opportunities for businesses. Here are some of the great benefits that you can get from sending catalogues to your prospects and customers:

1. Catalogues are valued

Consumers keep catalogues, refer to them and even share them with others. In fact, 86% of people said they keep catalogues for a period of time in the home*.

2. Catalogues are convenient

Consumers get to know your products better – 63% of people say it’s easier to browse through products in a catalogue rather than in-store or online*.

3. Catalogues are the connection to your customers

Sending a catalogue is like putting a shop window in your customers’ homes so they’re free to learn about what you offer at their leisure. 65% of people report they enjoy sitting down to look at a catalogue in their own time*.

Research in real life

Celtic & Co have used catalogues to build and grow their business. They sell items direct to consumers in the luxury fashion, accessory and homeware categories.

“As an acquisition tool, catalogues are our most successful way to reach customers and provides the best lifetime profitability for investment spent in that channel.

"Catalogues allow us to really display our products well, giving us space to showcase our brand to our existing customers and new recipients in their own home and in their own time.

Our customers repeatedly tell us how much they look forward to our catalogues and how they keep hold of them for the lifestyle they portray. This allows us to stay in the home and at the front of their minds for weeks rather than just minutes.”

Zoe Bray – Head of Marketing at Celtic & Co.


* Royal Mail MarketReach, The Power of Print Catalogues, Illuminas 2017 Base: 2,000 UK adults 18+ receiving a mailed catalogue in the last 6 months

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