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Delivering registration rates with mail

Collecting a prescription can be tricky for people with busy lifestyles and for those who can’t easily travel to a pharmacy.

Pharmacy2U was set up with the aim of providing a prescription delivery service to make it much easier for individuals to receive their prescriptions. However, they had a tough challenge entering the market - they were an unknown brand in an established market, bringing a new way for individuals to receive prescriptions. It was always going to be difficult for them to increase new customer sign-ups while maintaining their targeted cost per acquisition, particularly as customers in this market have a high reliability on the service provided.

When planning their start-up marketing campaign, Pharmacy2U chose mail and door drops as their preferred channels for getting important messages about their home delivery service into people’s homes. The content in their mail and door drops used a step by step approach to explain their proposition and guide customers through the buying process.

They recognised that mail is a good medium for communicating information that will be read. In their case they included testimonials from happy customers to help build trust and credibility. Where they could, they personalised the communication by including the name of the recipient’s local surgery and used photography in their mail packs which matched the age of the recipient. Mail was an important component of their multi-channel marketing strategy, where they started with mail and then extended using TV, radio and social media.

Pharmacy2U wanted people to think about how they currently go about collecting their prescription and consider them as an alternative option. While many customers admittedly won’t have heard of the company, they wanted to convey that they are trustworthy, have happy customers and offer a convenient service that would benefit them.

Timing was absolutely key to success too - as soon as a surgery partnered with Pharmacy2U, local people were informed of the free service.

The campaign delivered lots of new customers and was hailed as a great success. Registrations increased by 365% and they hit their targets just 47% of the way into the campaign’s duration. They exceeded their mail targets by 43% and saw a 60% uplift in responses from younger audiences, all as a result of delivering a more tailored mail pack.

Source: DMA Entry 2017

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