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Mail makes an impact

Welcome to the letter hub. Here we share research, stats and case studies showing how our customers benefit from using mail.

Stand out from your competitors
IKEA generated 3.3m dollars in incremental sales by the way they utilised their catalogue. Find out more

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Growing acquisition

Pharmacy2U's mail campaign helped them to grow their acquisition rate for registering to their service by 365% year on year. Find out how mail helped them achieve such a high success rate.

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Mail is trusted

Patients prefer to receive their healthcare messaging by post. In fact, 87% regard mail as believable. This compares to only 43% of people for email. We look into how mail can be used to increase efficiency and decrease costs in the healthcare sector.

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Meeting targets with mail

Targets are particularly important for programmes such as the North East Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. By using a mail campaign, the programme has consistently reached its target of 52% participation rates.

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