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Going away? Don't advertise the fact you're not at home

A stack of unopened mail in your letterbox puts your home at risk. Let us safely store your mail until you return home.

Set up Keepsafe

Why get Keepsafe?

62% of attempted domestic burglaries in England and Wales are from the front of the property. A pile of unopened mail is a clear sign to burglars no one’s home. By keeping hold of your mail, Keepsafe can help keep your home safe while you're away.

We’ll make sure that any important letters, valuable documents or parcels sent to you are kept in safe hands.

How does Keepsafe work?

We'll securely hold onto your letters and parcels and deliver them on your return.

We need 5 working days to set it up and can hold onto your mail for up to 100 days. Prices start from as little as 75p a day*.

Apply online in minutes. Just let us know how long you want us to hold your mail for and when you want it to start.

*Based on a 100-day agreement at £75. For Keepsafe terms and conditions and full pricing, please visit