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When you move home, don’t forget to redirect

Make sure you take your identity with you by redirecting your mail.

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Why redirect your mail?

All fraudsters need to piece together your ID is a few pieces of mail that contain personal information sent to an old address. With enough information, identity fraudsters could open bank accounts, obtain false passports, get fabricated driving licences – and all in your name. Our Redirection service is the simple and convenient way to ensure your mail moves home with you, and it’s also an easy way for you to be protected.

Action Fraud recommends redirecting your mail for at least a year, to significantly reduce the risk of identity fraud.

How it works

  • Redirection forwards all the mail sent to your old place to your new home
  • It can cost as little as £5.75 a month* to redirect your mail
  • You can redirect your mail for 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Already moved? No problem. Tell us now to make sure your mail follows you to your new address

What you need

You can sign up online, by post or at your local Post Office® branch. All we need is:

  • the names and dates of birth of everybody who needs their mail redirected
  • your old address and postcode
  • your new address and postcode

If you're moving soon, make sure you give us a week's notice to get things ready.

*Based on a 12 month contract at £68.99. For Redirection pricing, please visit: