Reintroduced Species

Celebrate the reintroduction of flora and fauna species to the UK with our collection of souvenirs and gifts

Image of Reintroduced Species (from Royal Mail)

Over the past two centuries, many animals and plants have become extinct in the UK – mostly due to the loss or degradation of habitats leading to increasingly isolated populations. This special collection of stamps and collectibles celebrates the UK’s successfully restored wildlife – including the Eurasian beaver, osprey, pool frog, sand lizard, large-blue butterfly and stinking hawk's-beard.

Presentation Pack

Each reintroduced species in this unique collection has its own fascinating story and in the Presentation Pack, television presenter and naturalist Chris Packham gives a brief background on the efforts of conservationists to reintroduce them to their respective habitats.

• Explore 800 years of conservation with this Presentation Pack.
• Includes all six Reintroduced Species Stamps.
• An overview on extinction and Reintroduction projects in the UK by television presenter and naturalist Chris Packham.


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Mint Stamps

• Includes three horizontal se-tenant pairs of Special Stamps featuring a successfully reintroduced species.
• Osprey and Large-blue butterfly, First Class
• Eurasian beaver and Pool frog, £1.45
• Stinking hawk’s-beard and Sand lizard, £1.55


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Stamp Souvenir

• This special souvenir is identical to the First Day Cover but without the personalised name and address.
• Includes all six Reintroduced Species Stamps, cancelled with the Frogpool, Truro postmark featuring a diving frog illustration.


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