Celebrating these Much Loved British Birds
Special Stamps, Souvenirs & Gifts

Image of Owls Special Stamps (from Royal Mail)

Of all the birds native to our shores, none has a more mythical status than the owl and this collection of Special Stamps, souvenirs and gifts celebrates the UK’s five native species in all their glory.

Stamp Souvenir

Order this unique and Special Stamp Souvenir before 11th August 2018.

• Identical to the First Day Cover, including the same information card but without personalisation.

• Includes all ten stamps, cancelled with the alternative Hooton, Ellesmere Port handstamp.


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Presentation Pack

Collect this Special pack which explores the remarkable characteristics of Owls, including their hearing, eyesight, plumage and distinctive calls.

• Includes all ten stamps accompanied by beautiful imagery.


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Framed Stamps

The ideal gift or collectible celebrating these magnificent British birds. All 10 Owls Special Stamps are individually mounted and set in a black frame.


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