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Discover how people of all ages interact with mail, thanks to our latest research


Young adults living at home with their parents

Did you know?
32% of Fledglings are more likely to trust print information than digital.


Young adults living in shared accommodation

Did you know?
Sharers are twice as likely to share their personal details with companies.


Adults living together, with no children

Did you know?
26% of people in this segment have bought something as a result of receiving addressed mail.

Young families

Parents with children not yet at secondary school

Did you know?
62% of Young families keep their letters in a specific place at home.

Older families

Parents with at least one child at secondary school

Did you know?
52% have used a voucher received in the mail in the past year.

Empty nesters

Couples whose children have left home - at least one person is still working

Did you know?
32% of Empty nesters spend 18 mins per day reading mail.

Older retirees

People's whose income comes from pensions or investments

Did you know?
72% like receiving mail if the content is relevant.