Ladybird Books Special Stamps

Celebrating the golden age of these classic books

The Ladybird Books Special Stamps

Ladybird books have had a lasting influence on successive generations of British children, both educating and entertaining in equal measure. Now, over 650 titles later, you can revisit some of these enduring books with our Special issue of eight stamps, guaranteed to take you on a nostalgic trip back to yesteryear.

• Celebrate with the Presentation Pack

• Gift the Framed Stamps

• Save 10% with the Ladybird Books Bundle

Ladybird Books Presentation Pack

• Includes all eight Ladybird books Special Stamps.

• Written by Helen Day and designed by True North.

• Tells the Ladybird books story in a unique A-to-Z format.


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Ladybird Books Stamp Souvenir

• Identical to the First Day Cover but without the personalised name and address details.

• Available until 14 December 2017.

• Features all eight Special Stamps, cancelled with the Loughborough postmark.


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Ladybird Books Framed Stamps

• All eight Ladybird Books Special Stamps individually mounted in a frame.

• Handmade for Royal Mail in the UK.

• Dimensions W 33.5cm x H 23.5cm.


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Ladybird Books Bundle - Save 10%

• Save 10% on the Framed Stamps, Presentation Pack and Postcards, compared with the cost of buying each item individually.

• Price includes saving.


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Ladybird Books Postcards

• All eight Special Stamps reproduced from the original stamp artwork as postcards.

• Eight in set.

• An ideal gift idea that’s also suitable for collecting or framing.


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Ladybird Books Stamp Set

• Includes all eight Special Stamps.

• Brought to you in pristine condition as four horizontal se-tenant pairs of stamps


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