Going further for your global shoppers…

Great Britain has always been a great choice for overseas shoppers. As the UK’s most trusted carrier among online shoppers, we’re investing in our international parcel services to offer your customers abroad the same great value and trusted delivery, with new shopper notifications and Tracked returns.

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Keep your international shoppers in the loop

With our free International Tracked email notifications

Now your customers abroad can receive free email updates when their parcels reach their destination country. This new service is available at no extra cost with our Tracked deliveries.

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How it works for your customers:

  1. We send you a link to embed in your emails to shoppers abroad.
  2. Your shopper clicks the link, registers their email address and selects the notifications they want to receive.
  3. We send email updates in their language at each stage of their parcel’s journey.
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Many happy returns

From down under and over the pond with our new International Tracked Returns

Online shoppers abroad love to buy British, but they want the peace of mind of a convenient, free return service if the item isn’t quite right. Our new Tracked Returns service will be available in Australia and the USA very soon with additional countries to follow.

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How it works for your customers:

  1. Your returning customer prints their returns label via our portal.
  2. They can either take their parcel to a post office or request a collection.
  3. Our in-country partner will manage any export customs processes.
  4. Your global shopper has the reassurance of tracking their item back to the UK sender.
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Let your customers choose

Our three international options deliver to the four corners of the globe

  1. Standard

    Delivery to 231 countries from 3 days to Europe & 5 days Worldwide.

  2. Signed

    Delivery to 168 countries with a signature on delivery and £50 inclusive compensation. From 3 days to Europe & 5 days Worldwide.

  3. Tracked

    Delivery to 71 countries with tracking to delivery point and £100 inclusive compensation (signature option to 45 countries). From 2 days to Europe & 5 days Worldwide.

Nothing to declare

Stay ahead of the customs curve with our new electronic pre-advice

More countries are starting to request electronic pre-advice on every international parcel they receive. The additional information needed will include sender, recipient and content details and will ultimately help to speed up imports. So we’re changing our systems now to accommodate the new data required.

Sending parcels overseas – what's changing?

Going forwards we need to share more electronic data with other countries

This data includes:

  • Sender details (name, address, telephone number and email)
  • Recipient details (name, address - including destination country, mobile number and email)
  • Item details (description, quantity, weight, value of contents, postage and insurance cost)
  • Trade Tariff (Harmonised System or HS) Code and country of origin of contents

What this means for your business…

If you send items overseas you’ll need to start providing more detailed electronic pre-advice data when posting these items. The requirement is not immediate; we have set out proposed timings in the consultation document, however we encourage you to start providing this electronic data as soon as you can to ensure the processing of your export items overseas is as fast and efficient as possible.

  • To help you comply with the new requirements we are updating our shipping systems to ensure that the fields are available for you to provide the required information.
  • We have also updated the specifications for third party shipping platforms, Customers’ Own Shipping Solutions (COSS) and Shipping API so that they/you can update the systems required to provide the right data.

Why we are changing

Security is high on the agenda of all postal services, airlines and government bodies. More and more countries are starting to require that all parcels they receive must have electronic pre-advice data sent to them in advance.

This data also helps countries automate their import and customs charging processes, saving them time and money, making the processing of your export items more efficient.

We want to ensure that you are ready to provide electronic data when it becomes necessary, so we encourage you to start sending this data as soon as possible.

For more information on the new data requirements and to give us your views, please take part in our consultation here.