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When will my item arrive?

Between delivering parcels, our postmen and postwomen also deliver letters to most addresses in a set delivery route, so we may not be coming directly to your address. Sometimes it may look like we're not moving because we're making multiple deliveries, (eg, in a block of flats). Keep checking the map to see when we get to your street.

My address is in the wrong place on the map

As a trial service, we're still fine-tuning the locations of every address. Don't worry though - we know where to deliver your mail.

Can I get meet my postman or postwomen in the street to collect my parcel if I can see where they are?

The security and safety of your mail is one of our top priorities. We can only deliver your mail to your address so please don't try to meet us to collect your mail - unfortunately, we won't be able to hand it over to you there.

How can I take part in this trial?

At the moment, we're offering this service in parts of Manchester and Cardiff. If you live in an address that can take part, we'll have posted a flyer to you.

I'd like to leave the trial

Contact us using the link below and we'll make sure that we remove you from the trial.


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