Services you may find useful at this time

How Royal Mail can help during Covid-19

Services you may find useful at this time

How Royal Mail can help during Covid-19

Helping customers at home

The UK population has been urged to stay at home with many people finding it difficult to leave their homes due to self-isolation. The Royal Mail app can help you access a number of our services from the comfort of your own home. Download the app today to track items, receive delivery notifications, book a redelivery and much more.

Services to support you

Buying postage from home

Getting your large letters and parcels into the Royal Mail network is easier than ever before. Whether you're a marketplace seller or someone who wants to send something to a loved one, we've made it really easy for you. You can buy stamps from the Royal Mail shop. Alternatively, you can buy postage via the Royal Mail App, online via our Click & Drop tool or as part of a marketplace transaction. Then print your postage at home and drop off your parcel 24/7 into one of our Parcel Postboxes – find your nearest in the “Services near you” section of the Royal Mail App.

Stay safe, stay connected, download the Royal Mail App.


If you’re not currently at your normal residential address, we can hold your important mail for you for up to 100 days, by which time, hopefully, you’ll have returned home. As soon as you get home, notify us and we’ll deliver your mail to your home address. If you’d like us to hold onto your mail, simply apply for your Keepsafe online now.

Helping businesses adapt

During lockdown, many businesses will shut or operate with significant changes to enable them to continue providing their goods and services. Below is a list of services that you may find useful. 


Business collection

If you need to temporarily stop your business collection, our form makes it easy. 

When you’re ready for your Business Collection to restart, you can complete a simple web form, available at

Information on business services

If you are closed and there is no access for us to deliver your mail, please use one of our useful services below.


Business Redirection

If you're a school or business forced to close your entire premises permanently or temporarily, setting up a Business Redirection will help us to redirect and deliver your important mail to an alternative address of your choice. For schools, this could be the Head Teacher or school secretary's home address or, for businesses, to the owner's or office manager's home. Business Redirection protects important and confidential mail being left for a long period of time by ensuring any mail addressed to you at your old office is sent directly to your new one. Available for 3, 6 and 12 months. Don't miss any important communications, apply today.

When your business is ready to start receiving deliveries again, let us know by cancelling your Business Redirection.

Business Diversion

Business Diversion is best if only part of your business is forced to close permanently or temporarily and you need mail addressed to a particular department to be delivered to a new address — or your business is located in a multi-occupied building where there are other organisations and mail to more than 1 business in the building is delivered to the same unique delivery point (e.g. same post box or same reception area). Setting up a Diversion will help us divert your important mail to an alternative address, to protect important and confidential mail being left at closed premises. Available for 3, 6 and 12 months and if your business has fewer than 50 employees, you can apply for a Small Business Diversion. Download an application form (pdf, 1.05 MB) online today or speak to your Royal Mail Account Manager.

When your business is ready to start receiving deliveries again, let us know by cancelling your Business Diversion.

Business Keepsafe

If your business receives relatively low volumes of mail, our Business Keepsafe may be sufficient. We will hold all of your mail safely and deliver it on your requested delivery date. You cannot collect the mail from our offices during this period. We can hold mail for a maximum of 100 days. Apply online.

When your business is ready to start receiving deliveries again, let us know by cancelling your Business Keepsafe.

Help, advice and tools for moving your business online

If you are a business owner who is considering moving your business online in light of the current situation, we’re here to help. Along with our partner marketplaces, we have a range of services that will make sending parcels and selling online easier than you think. Our support and advice page to help you get going online is available here.

Royal Mail Hybrid Mail

Provide your employees the opportunity to send mail while working remotely. Royal Mail Hybrid Mail is a digital solution that allows your employees to upload and send correspondence directly to our secure print facility where the item is printed and then delivered through our network. Manage your budget through a simple reporting system, and control brand consistency with optional template uploads. With no minimum volumes, no set up fees and no licence costs, your employees can start posting straight away. Sign up today.

Data Cleansing

If you’re a business that needs or wants to communicate with your customers at this vital time then ensure your communications are reaching the right people at the right addresses by checking your data is accurate and up to date.  We can help check for duplicates, deceased, movers and goneaways and identify any address enhancements you should make prior to sending your messages out.  To organise a data audit at no cost please call 03456 000 098 or find out more here.