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Goodbye DMO,
hello Click & Drop®

Introducing our smarter, simpler, better replacement.

After 8 years, we’re replacing DMO with our new and improved Click & Drop® service. As well as being simpler, smarter and a lot more intuitive, Click & Drop® is future proofed – which means it will constantly update and improve to meet the growing needs of your business.

I found it straight forward to connect my website and marketplaces to Click & Drop®.

Sanjay Aggarwal
Spice Kitchen
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Adore Baby uses Click & Drop® to send items worldwide

  • Click & Drop® is easy to learn and has streamlined the despatch of orders from our website and marketplace stores.”

    Pamela Kennedy
    Managing Director, Adore Baby
  • Pamela made the switch in minutes

    • Connecting to her website
    • Connecting to her marketplace stores
    • Creating shipping rules

It’s really easy to make the switch to Click & Drop®
Explore our 'How to' videos

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    Get the basics right

    • Create an account
    • Add your company details
    • Set up your shipping rules
  • dmo-17-vid1@2x

    Connect your website and channels and import files to Click & Drop®

    • Create orders
    • Pull orders from your marketplace
    • Automatically connect orders from your marketplaces
    • Push through tracking references to your marketplaces
  • dmo-17-vid1@2x

    Simple steps to print labels and despatch your orders

    • Set up your label templates
    • Manage your orders
    • Print labels
  • dmo-17-vid1@2x

    Process your end of day paperwork

    • Despatch an order report
    • Submit your orders for billing
See how to connect Click & Drop® with your website & marketplaces in 4 steps

How to connect Click & Drop® with your website

  1. Within Click & Drop®, click on the ‘Settings’ link.
    • Click on the ‘Go’ button in ‘Channels and stores’
    • Click on ‘Add a new integration’
    • A new pop up window appears, asking you to choose which integration you would like to add
    • Click on ‘Dropbox’.
  2. A new pop up window appears, asking you to complete the required fields:
    • Trading name, Integration name & County, first and last name format, column delimiter

    You can select options to let Click & Drop® automatically;

    • Use the shipping address for the billing address or specify a separate billing address field
    • Group your orders into a batch to save you time generating labels
    • Update your Click & Drop® product list with any new weight and size data on your order spreadsheet
    • Click on ‘Save and connect’.
  3. Dropbox will open in a new window. You will need to login.
    • Click ‘Allow’ to give Click & Drop® permission to access a folder inside your Dropbox account
    • You will be taken to the Channels and stores page
    • Once the connection between Dropbox and Click & Drop® has been confirmed the ‘link’ icon in the ‘Status’ column will change from red to green
    • A message will appear ‘connection was successful’.
  4. A new ‘Apps’ folder will appear in your Dropbox. Click & Drop® is contained within this folder.
    • Map the spreadsheet fields on your first order
    • The required fields your spreadsheet must contain are: Name (first and last name), Address Line 1, City, Postcode. All other fields are optional
    • Click & Drop® will remember your field mappings for all future orders
    • Manually import your first order
    • All future orders will automatically be imported by dropping them into your Click & Drop® folder in Dropbox.

How to connect Click & Drop® with your marketplaces

It only takes minutes to connect Click & Drop® with online platforms including Amazon, eBay, Big Commerce, Magento, Shopify and Not On The High Street.

  1. Within Click & Drop® go to Settings, then select the ‘Channels and stores’ area
  2. Click ‘Add a new integration’, then select the marketplace of your choice
  3. Complete the required fields: Trading name, Integration name & Country
  4. To confirm that the connection has been successful, the ‘Status’ icon (2 links of a chain) will show green.
  5. Download as PDF

Click & Drop® does everything DMO does and a whole lot more…

  • It remembers your products and SKU’s – so you’ll only need to enter the information once

  • Click & Drop® imports your website and marketplace orders

  • Click & Drop® tells you how much you’ve spent on postage each day

  • Lets you create shipping rules to automate your despatch

  • It will let you set up and manage multiple trading names

  • It automatically uploads barcodes and tracking numbers to online stores

  • Click & Drop® offers you a range of label templates

  • Now provides online Delivery Confirmation for Royal Mail 24® and Royal Mail 48® Large Letters

Coming soon in 2018

  • Combine orders made by the same customer at different times on the same day – and despatch them in a single parcel.

  • Print your logo on postage labels (you can use a different logo for each trading name).

  • Have online Delivery Confirmation details sent direct to your Click & Drop® account for Royal Mail 24® and 48 Large Letters and parcels.

  • Get automatic postcode validation on every order, including marketplaces.

Hear what our customers have to say

  • Click & Drop® saves me a huge amount of time by pulling in orders from my website and 12 online stores including eBay and Not on the High Street to speed up my despatch.”

    Sanjay Aggarwal
    Founder of Spice Kitchen
  • “Going live with Click & Drop® could not have been a more straightforward process for us, we loaded the orders in the morning and within an hour we were printing labels."

    Founder of This is Nessie