Changes to our Privacy Notice

You’re probably aware that new regulations are being introduced to do with how companies like Royal Mail use personal data. Because of this, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we’ve made some changes to our Privacy Notice.

Your privacy, and the security of our personal data, is very important to us at Royal Mail, and we want you to understand how we collect your details, and what we use it for.

See the changes here: Royal Mail Group Privacy Notice.

What the new Privacy Notice means for you

The new Privacy Notice has all the details of the personal data we might hold, and how we use it. We’ve explained in more detail what we use this data for, and any legal reasons for having it, as well as the sources and the different data categories.

The main change to our Privacy Notice is that it’s been rewritten and reorganised so it’s easier for you to understand.

We’ve split the information into sections that cover:

1. About Royal Mail Group and this privacy notice
2. Personal data we collect
3. How we use personal data
4. Information about marketing
5. Who do Royal Mail Group share data with?
6. Security and fraud prevention
7. Transfers of personal data outside of the UK
8. How long do we keep personal data?
9. Your legal rights
10. How to contact us
11. Website use and Cookies
12. Changes to our privacy notice

Read our new Privacy Notice here