Online Postage API

Online Postage API

Save your marketplace customers time and money by enabling them to print all of their postage direct from your own system

Now you can offer your marketplace customers the capability to print their own postage label following a successful sale, so they won’t have to queue in the Post Office.

At a Glance 

  • Enable customers to prepare sold items for despatch without leaving your marketplace
  • Simplify your accounting by setting up a master account for customers’ postal purchases
  • All UK and International services are available
  • 24 hour self-serve access, 7 days a week
  • 24 hour self-serve access, 7 days a week

What is an API?

An Application Program Interface (API) is a standardised way for different software applications to communicate. The API determines how software components interact, and data is passed between systems, making integration straightforward. Our business APIs give your systems a direct line to Royal Mail’s so you can streamline your operations, saving you time and money, and providing your customers with a better service.

Control your postage from one account

Manage all of your customers’ postage payments through one account. With the Online Postage API you can run all of your payment and printing from the same account. You can also offer refunds to your customers, should they not wish to use a postage label they’ve purchased.

Access all available delivery services

Offer your customers all available delivery services for their customer’s address, whether that’s in the UK or abroad, so you can enjoy the full range of postage options that you would have in the Post Office®, online. Delivery options appear in a drop-down menu for quick, easy navigation.

How to integrate the Online Postage API

Online Postage API

  1. Sign up on the API (Developer) Portal.
  2. Register your application.
  3. Request approval.
  4. Test your integration in our sandboxed onboarding environment.
  5. Print your own postage.

If you have an existing API account and have already registered your application, you will only need to complete steps 3-5 for every additional API you wish to integrate.

Are there any limitations?

  • You’ll need an IT team with previous experience of integrating SOAP based web services.
  • We can’t cover any implementation costs, but the Online Postage API itself is free.
  • We’ll need to engage with you commercially, since you’ll be selling Royal Mail products to your customers.