Programmatic Mail

Smart mail delivers smarter results

Bring the benefits of Programmatic targeting straight to your customers’ hands. Programmatic Mail lets you quickly send individually targeted direct mail to non-converting web visitors – often the next day, but within 48 hours.

At a Glance 

  • Programmatic Mail is direct mail triggered by a fully permissioned customer action
  • It reaches your customer in 24* to 48 hours
  • Campaigns with mail have higher ROI than those without
  • It's always relevant to the recipients – because we know they’ve already shown interest in the content

Programmatic Mail brings the power of direct mail into the digital age, bridging the on and offline customer journey to maximise conversion rates. 

How it works

  1. A customer on your website (who has already given contact permissions) visits a page, interacts with your site, or carries out an action 
  2. This action triggers an immediate Programmatic Mail response, which is specific and targeted based on their behaviour
  3. A pre-designed, bespoke, personal communication to that customer lands often the next day
 That’s Programmatic Mail in a nutshell – a tailored, targeted, triggered one-to-one communication with a customer who’s already given you permission to contact them

Why use Programmatic Mail?

87% of people were influenced to buy online as a direct result of receiving mail**
  • Speed: you’ll have a highly impactful direct mail piece in your customer’s hands within 24-48 hours
  • Drives returns: campaigns with mail have a higher return on investment than those without mail
  • Programmatic Mail builds on existing relationships: making recipients feel more valued, and more likely to respond
  • Relevant: Programmatic Mail is always relevant to its recipients, because we know they’ve already shown interest in its content
  • Data value: You can easily build and test data models that help you identify which online behaviours are the most powerful Programmatic triggers for your business

Find out what Programmatic Mail can do for you

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*Data must reach printer by midday Mon-Fri

**Royal Mail MarketReach, Valued Mail/Mail and Digital Part 2, Quadrangle 2014