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Unlock the power of marketing mail for your business, by partnering with a trusted direct mail provider.

Mail is tactile, targeted and makes a personal connection in ways other media can’t. In fact, 87% of people find mail more believable than email at 48% and according to the ‘Institute of Practitioners in Advertising’ 1 in 3 people have bought something as a result of receiving direct mail in the past 12 months.

Covering all types of business mail from door drops and catalogues to addressed direct mail, our providers help target the right audience, produce effective designs, and deliver them via Royal Mail. Once your campaign is in market, they’ll even help you measure its success and plan for the next one.

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Three easy steps

  1. Choose an expert partner based in the UK from our network of approved marketing mail professionals.
  2. Complete the contact form and your chosen partner will be in touch for a 
    no-obligation conversation about how direct mail can help your business.
  3. Receive expert advice on all areas of business mail from customer targeting through to design, print and delivery.
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What Mail Made Easy could do for you

Choose a Mail Made Easy Partner and get expert help with direct mail. They’ll help you find the right target audience, develop design and messaging to drive response, deliver your campaign and report on the results. They will also help integrate existing activity with direct mail – it works particularly well with digital.

36% bought or ordered from
Direct Mail in the last 12 months
Source, TouchPoints 7

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