Royal Mail Data Cleansing

Royal Mail Data Cleansing

Clean data for better business results

Clean data means improved targeting, more accurate mailings and deliveries and a better experience for your customers whether they’re consumer or business contacts.

At a Glance 

  • Clean and update your databases
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Increase response rates

Why choose Data Cleansing Services?

Our Data Cleansing services help to ensure your customer data is validated, formatted correctly and consistently, accurate and up-to-date. Cleansed data can be further enriched using our Data Enhancement services.

Better marketing, sales and service

Using the largest volume of UK addresses and postcodes available alongside up-to-date contact and change of address data as well as comprehensive UK suppression and verification files, we'll help you to maintain clean customer contact and address data for better marketing, sales and service.

At a glance

  • Bespoke services for large data volumes provided either offsite or on a continuous, automated basis to support data quality, data governance, compliance or contact data management programmes
  • Address and postcode validation and cleansing, goneaway and deceased suppression
  • MPS, TPS and Baby MPS suppression
  • Mover identification and residency verification
  • De-duplication, stop file creation, salacious word screening, contact name split