How will your business grow? Connecting with, and retaining, customers can be hard work. For small and medium-sized enterprises that want to make every penny of a limited budget count, direct mail – targeted communications delivered directly to individual potential customers – can be a very effective strategy.

You might think that connecting with potential customers via their letterboxes is too low-tech, but research suggests well-crafted materials mailed directly to a carefully identified group of people can be a very effective way to build your business’s customer base.

In fact, Royal Mail’s studies show that 60% of people think mail helps keep a brand top of mind. Plus, mail is a more personal and emotive way of talking directly to potential customers; 92% of people who received mail that made them feel something, then did something too.

It’s not just Royal Mail’s research that makes the case for direct mail; an IPA study shows that marketing campaigns that include direct mail are three more times effective at driving market share growth.