Mail Disguising

Safeguarding mail contents against interception and fraud

Mail Disguising

Safeguarding mail contents against interception and fraud

Protect your customers by disguising the look of your mail and hiding the nature of its contents. Use Mail Disguising when:

  • sending credit or debit cards
  • posting high value cheques or tickets
  • returning or issuing verification document such as identity cards and driving licences
  • sending life event documents such as birth, marriage or death certificates

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By choosing Mail Disguising, it’s clear that you have taken a step not only to protect your customer’s privacy and property, but that you also place a high value on your relationship with them.

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We believe that every item of mail should have a safe journey through our postal system – it’s fundamental to everything we do. However, we also tell our customers that if they’re sending something important it’s best not to be obvious about the contents and where it’s coming from. We’re talking about bank cards; membership cards; chequebooks – anything that would tempt a thief or a fraudster.

Divert attention

But you can do something about it. You can avert interest in your outgoing mail by disguising it. And that’s where we come in. We can subtly change the look of your mailing pieces to disguise the contents of your post. It’s not difficult and it can be as simple as placing your envelope within another.

How it works

Secure Mail Disguising is a bespoke part of Royal Mail’s specialist Mail Management services. Your mail is processed under strictly controlled security conditions and can be tailored to suit you. The service may be targeted, for example, in medium to high-risk postcode areas where the risk of theft or loss is known to be higher than normal.

Mail Disguising is available to use with our range of other workflow services, all of which will help speed up your outward mail workflow operation. Depending on which of these you decide to use, there will be variations in the price you pay and in the speed of service we achieve for you. To give you a rough idea, however, here is what you can expect:

Day 1: Your mail is despatched to the Mail Disguising unit
Day 2: Mail arriving at the unit is processed and despatched for delivery 1st or 2nd Class
Day 3: The disguised item is delivered to the addressee (this will be later if you have elected to use 2nd class post)

Our Mail Disguising services are bespoke and prices depend on the options you select.

To use Mail Disguising you'll need to have an account with us and you’ll be a customer already spending over £5,000 a year.

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If you or your business already has an account, contact a member of our business team on 03457 950 950*. They will tell you how to add Mail Disguising to your account. It will speed things up if you can have your Royal Mail account number to hand when you ring us.

It is important to note that all Mail Disguising services are subject to availability and are offered at Royal Mail’s discretion. We’ll carry out a risk assessment in advance of any contractual offer. Minimum entry levels may apply.

*Lines are open 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.