Guides for SMEs: How to communicate with your customers

Find out how to use mail to talk to your customers with our helpful PDF guides


Businesses are communicating with consumers in more diverse ways than ever. In an increasingly digital world, direct mail remains hugely popular with advertisers. That’s because adding mail to your marketing mix is a powerful, cost effective tool. It can help get more revenue from your current customers, reactivate old ones and find new customers. 

To help small or medium sized businesses harness the power of advertising mail, we’ve developed four useful guides. Full of advice, statistics and case studies, they show how direct mail and door drops can build your business. We also show how to produce your own campaigns to take advantage of this powerful channel.

Guides for SMEs

Download our SME guides now:

Report - Using direct mail to build your businessUsing direct mail to build your business

  • Find out how direct mail helps you interact with customers in their homes
  • Learn how mail helps your business stand out from the competition
  • See how customers engage emotionally with mail and remember it for longer
  • Discover how direct mail can achieve your goals and deliver an impressive Return on Investment

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Report - Using door drops to build your businessUsing door drops to build your business

  • Find out how door drops can increase awareness of your business and boost your sales
  • Learn how businesses drive responses through carefully planned door drop campaigns
  • Get advice on how to make your door drop stand out in customers’ homes
  • Use door drops to target your local area or reach all 29 million households in the UK 

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Report - How to produce direct mailHow to produce direct mail

  • Plan and run a direct mail campaign from start to finish
  • Get advice on strategy, targeting customers and formatting your mail to boost responses
  • Use our checklists and step-by-step examples to refine your campaign and check its success
  • Learn how to use data, postage and printers to maximise impact and Return on Investment

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Report - How to produce door dropsHow to produce door drops

  • Produce door drops that will get your business noticed and help it grow
  • Get tips on planning and developing your campaign, from initial stages to checking success
  • Use our services to reach the right customers to boost your responses
  • See case studies of how door drops have helped other businesses reach new customers 

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You can also use our Mail Made Easy scheme. This gives you access to a nationwide network of partners who can help produce cost-effective direct mail campaigns, while you focus on running your business.






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