Rave Coffee - case study
Video transcript

Rave Coffee started back in 2009 in Sydney, Australia. We had a mobile coffee van, did really well and so we decided to come back to the UK and start it here The business grew so we moved into different premises and we've now got a coffee shop and also the roastery.

One of the unique selling points to Rave Coffee is to ensure that the coffee is roasted the same day the customer has ordered and it will get to them within 24 hours. One of our main sales channels is through Amazon. We've gained a five star reputation through them and that's because we listen to what our customers tell us.

Feedback is very important to us. To ensure that we maintain our five star reputation is key to us as a company. Royal Mail helps us delivery that to our customers. Offering Royal Mail as a delivery option, I believe gives our customers the warm feeling that they know they're going to get a good, reliable service.

We use First Class and Second Class postage. Royal Mail also offers the overseas options, international, which we do get a lot of customers looking for. We send over 150 packages out a day and the Royal Mail online business account helps us speed up this process.

It's a very simple process that all of our staff can use. It helps us save time, we can track financially where we are. Everything goes out at one weight, we don't have to individually stamp or label the product. So once the parcels have actually been added up and processed then we can put them straight on to a york and then Royal Mail come and collect them. It takes all that hassle out for us.

We have an excellent relationship with Royal Mail. If there's anything that's new that comes on to the market they're always very quick to let us know, they're there for us, to make sure that we get our products to our customer on time.

The future plans for Rave Coffee is to expand, but also to keep the passion of our staff and the same level of customer service.