RAVE Coffee is growing fast and selling more and more online. As orders in the UK and internationally have increased, so it has its need for a reliable, well-managed delivery partner.


Working with Royal Mail, Rave Coffee now has a daily collection and send mail using Royal Mail 24 & 48, 1st Class & 2nd Class. Simple, fast services it can rely on.


With regular collections and trusted deliveries, RAVE Coffee maintains a 98% positive feedback rating on Amazon and is now looking at franchising its business model around the world.

See how Royal Mail is helping RAVE Coffee expand internationally

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RAVE Coffee roasts, brews and sells its own coffee
online and to businesses around the world

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RAVE Coffee
Retail and online

When Rob and Vikki quit the corporate world for a life in Australia, they never imagined that a few years later they’d be back in the UK, setting up what would become a successful coffee roastery. But that’s how RAVE Coffee started – out of a mobile coffee van in Sydney in 2009. Vikki says, “We learned all about coffee in Australia. When we came back to the UK, we had become passionate about coffee, so we brought RAVE to the UK.”

The company started with a small Toper roaster, but grew fast. Nine months later it moved to its current premises in Cirencester, where it has a café and roasting facilities in one location, as well as 10 employees. It sells through its own website ( and on Amazon, as well as through direct relationships with corporate customers. Vikki says, “We built a reputation selling to local businesses and suppliers. We started to get noticed online, and now the majority of our sales are through Amazon.”


A passion for coffee and great customer service

Vikki puts their recent success down to three factors: a great product, communication and customer service. Communication and feedback through social media – like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – is increasingly important. And if ever anything goes wrong (which it rarely does), Vikki and her team can fix it instantly. Vikki says, “We pay close attention to comments and feedback on social media. We use it to deliver a really great experience and quickly turn anything negative into a positive.”

Coffee straight from the roaster – packed and sent the same day

Sending made simple and accessible analytics

Not having to weigh every parcel individually saves us time and is cost effective”
Vikki - RAVE Coffee

With its reputation on the line, RAVE uses different services from Royal Mail for sending coffee. Many packages go out 1st and 2nd Class, and RAVE offers free 1st Class postage on any order over £25. It also uses Royal Mail 24 & Royal Mail 48 for larger deliveries. Vikki says, “Royal Mail 24 & 48 are ideal for us. We can pay for sacks by average weight, so we don’t have to weigh every parcel individually. It saves time and is also a really cost effective way to send.”

RAVE’s customer service manager at Royal Mail regularly comes in to discuss business challenges. Vikki says, “Our relationship with Royal Mail is very important. They often pop in to chat and tell us about new things.” With the company growing fast, RAVE Coffee uses an Online Business Account (OBA) from Royal Mail to track spending. Vikki says, “It’s very easy to use, but best of all I can track my spending day-by-day and I also get trend analysis. It makes life easy.”

A postman conveniently collects at the same time each evening

Collections you can rely on

“With Royal Mail we have a delivery partner that we can rely on”
Vikki - RAVE Coffee

To handle the volume of coffee being sent out, RAVE Coffee uses Royal Mail's Collections service. Previously, they took packages to the local depot every evening, but a daily collection has made life simpler. Vikki says, “We have up to 150 packages of coffee leaving every day, as well as couriers and pallets. Now we get a collection every day at 5.45pm; it’s helped us a lot with our daily planning and time management.”

A great future is brewing

Now, with the business fundamentals in place, RAVE Coffee is looking to the future – including taking its business model across the UK and expanding internationally – starting with a franchise in Canada. Vikki says, “The business is growing rapidly and we’ve got a lot of plans to move forward – not just with franchising, but moving to a larger HQ with better facilities for our customers and staff. It’s good to know that I can talk to Royal Mail about all of these plans and that future franchises will have a delivery partner that everyone can rely on.”


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