When Leona wanted to grow her subscription box business, she knew reliability and punctuality were essential. Plus, she needed to keep delivery costs low.


All Leona’s parcels in the UK are sent with Royal Mail 1st Class and collected from her doorstep by Royal Mail. Leona prints all her postage from her computer at home, saving her valuable time and money.


Lucky Dip Club is growing faster than ever and now has 1,500 regular subscriptions. With a business account from Royal Mail, Leona saves 20p on every parcel sent and has a delivery provider she can rely on.


See how Leona’s business took off and how Royal Mail is helping Lucky Dip Club grow

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Lucky Dip Club is growing fast and now has 1,500 regular subscribers. Leona saves 20p on every parcel sent using her business account, while Royal Mail Collections gives her more time to focus on her business.

Lucky Dip Club logo
Lucky Dip Club

Lucky Dip Club surprises subscribers to its monthly service with a unique box of handmade and vintage items. What’s inside each month’s box is kept secret until recipients open the box – often to be delighted by a selection of individually wrapped goodies, like beautiful jewellery, fun stationery and craft kits. Each month, one item in the box is personalised especially for the subscriber. Leona says: “Lucky Dip Club combines some of my favourite things: unique, handmade, cool vintage items – delivered as a surprise in the post. There’s an edge of nostalgia to each box – an exciting treat.”

Hand crafting each product

Leona started Lucky Dip Club in 2014, inspired by success at a previous business she’d run designing and selling jewellery. Leona explains: “I was working as Head of Marketing at a vintage company but my passion has always been handmade design and I wanted to set up my own company. I kept thinking about the success of the lucky dip bags at my jewellery company and I was inspired by the growing trend for subscription boxes in the US. I couldn’t find anyone doing it in the UK the way I wanted to – so I went for it”.


Building a reputation with something special

In the first month, Leona made 100 boxes, increasing the total by 100 every month since. New subscriptions have consistently sold out within a day and the boxes are now so in demand that most go within four hours of being on sale. “I want Lucky Dip Club to stay something special. Someone online said it was easier to get Glastonbury tickets than a Lucky Dip Club subscription.”

Personal gift and message in each box makes it special

Day-to-day, Leona is busy answering emails, running her popular Twitter, Instagram (Leona just hit 40,000 followers) and Facebook channels, as well as designing, making and sourcing elements for Lucky Dip Club boxes. Life gets particularly hectic in delivery week when she and her staff enter a frenzy of packing and sending. Lucky Dip Club unboxings have become hugely popular on Twitter and Instagram, so it’s crucial to Leona that every parcel arrives with her customers on time on the same day.

“I used to worry about items going missing, but I know I can trust Royal Mail with my reputation”
Leona - Lucky Dip Club

All Lucky Dip Club boxes are designed to fit through a standard letter box and in the UK are sent 1st Class. Leona says “What kept me awake at night was ‘What if the parcels go missing?’ That’s why I choose Royal Mail. I’m very happy with their reliability and I know I can trust Royal Mail with my reputation.”


Saving money on every box

To send each parcel, Leona uses her Royal Mail business account. It makes every box quicker to prepare and more cost effective to send. Leona says: “When I spoke to Royal Mail, they recommended I set up a business account and start printing postage at home. It’s very simple and I now save 20p on every parcel, which really adds up. The best thing is that I can offer my customers free postage because of the money I save.”

“I can offer my customers free postage because of the money I save”
Leona - Lucky Dip Club

For the first month of Lucky Dip Club, Leona posted everything in the post box, then she started using the Drop & Go service at the Post Office. “Drop & Go was great, I could skip the queue which saved a lot of time. What used to take a day only took an hour or so.”

No more bags on the bus

As her business grew, more and more parcels needed to go out every month, so Leona decided she needed a better solution. She now arranges for her boxes to be collected from her studio using the Royal Mail Collection service. Leona says, “Collections are perfect for me. I’ve just started using the service and I’m very happy with the price and convenience. I don’t have a car and previously had to take at least three bus journeys to get all the parcels to the Post Office. Now I just hand everything over to my postman.”

Leona used to make three journeys to the Post Office, now a postman conveniently collects.


Now Leona has overseas customers, (Lucky Dip Club is especially popular in Australia and the US), she sends parcels with Royal Mail International Tracked. “International Tracked gives me and my subscribers peace of mind. Fast and cost-effective, it’s ideal as more and more international customers come on board.”

“Whatever’s next, I know I can talk to Royal Mail and they’re always there to support my business.”
Leona - Lucky Dip Club

With business growing so fast, Leona is taking extra care to hold on to what makes Lucky Dip Club special. Leona says: “It’s all very exciting right now. As we grow I’m working hard to keep the bit of magic that Lucky Dip Club was built on. Especially the personal touches and the connection I have with my subscribers, which is what the business is founded on. It’s good to know that whatever comes next I can talk to Royal Mail and they’re always there to support my business.


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