2019 will be a year clients focus on ‘experience’ as a way to kickstart growth and restore trust.WARC strategic priorities, 2019

Customer experience (CX) is everything. How it feels to use your product, the way customer service teams respond, what you say in an email or letter – right down to your programmatic ads and social posts.

CX is a highly topical issue amongst marketers and is cited as a top priority - not only as a brand differentiator but for competitive advantage.

Our guide examines the importance of customer experience to every business, big or small. It includes a free customer experience map, designed to bring your customer’s experience into a single framework, and to help you identify opportunities to improve your customers journey. 

    At a glance:

    • Find out what’s new in customer experience – and what that means for your business
    • Discover key trends, principles and best practice
    • See how mail adds a human touch that builds lasting relationships with people

    Here’s why mail’s an important part of your marketing mix:

    • 70% of consumers say that receiving direct mail makes them feel valued1
    • 38% of people bought or ordered as a result of receiving mail in the last
      12 months2

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    67% would pay more for a great experience.
    Salesforce research, 2018

    1.  Compared to 30% for email, Royal Mail MarketReach, The Value of Mail in Uncertain Times, Kantar TNS, 2017
    2.  IPA Touchpoints, 2018