Grow your business in China

Go international and access the world’s largest online market

Looking to open your business to a major international market? There are vast opportunities in China for UK businesses, whether you are looking to start selling or want to improve your offering by using a premium product, such as our new Tracked with Signature offering.

Royal Mail can help you send your goods to every address in China to offer your products to the largest population in the world. Add this to an internet population larger than all of Europe combined, and the potential for business is huge. True, the sheer size, cultural differences and language barrier can seem daunting, but the existing fondness for British brands means UK retailers are very well placed to benefit from our new Tracked with Signature service and we conducted independent research with insights to help you grow your business internationally and in China.

92% of Chinese online shoppers are more likely to shop with the same retailer if they are satisfied with their delivery experience.
Delivery Matters, 2017

Chinese shoppers often look to the UK when they can’t find products locally. They also often find that UK prices can be cheaper. In fact, 83% regularly find savings compared with local options.

Our Delivery Matters 2017 research shows:

  • 55%* bought from a UK website during a three-month period
  • 87%* love British brands
  • 76%* trust UK sites to sell authentic goods
  • Chinese shoppers spend an average of £312 every three months from UK sites

Top buys from UK websites include clothes (61%* of online shoppers) and footwear (44%*), showing an existing keenness for British fashion brands. Download our report to see all the stats.

How Royal Mail can help you grow your business in China

On average, Chinese online shoppers shop on UK sites 20 times a year.*
Delivery Matters, 2017

With our brand new Tracked with Signature service to China, your customers will have added reassurance on where their item is, and it gives you peace of mind that someone will be at the address when it is handed over. 34% percent of Chinese consumers want full tracking on items they buy from the UK, which puts you at an advantage should you use our Tracked with Signature. You and your customers will benefit from tracking with Royal Mail, starting with their items being collected, to arrival in China.

Easy export to China with Royal Mail international shipping

China might be nearly 10 million square kilometres, but Royal Mail can help get your products to every address in the country quickly and securely. 90% of Chinese shoppers would shop online more if there were a wider range of delivery options – and this is where we come in. We offer differing levels of delivery service to China, which you can offer to improve your customer service; from low prices with less importance on speed, to quick delivery and full tracking for added reassurance.

Have a look at our delivery options below
Service Lower price option Fast delivery Full tracking included Proof of delivery included Delivery aims to China
International Business Tracked with signature   5-7 days
International Standard     6-7 days
International Economy       6-12 weeks

We can help you to access rural and urban customers by working closely with our long-standing delivery partner China Post.

You can have your items delivered to customers alongside the rest of their mail up to seven days a week. For recipients living in major cities, items could even be out for delivery up to three times a day, making it easier for customers to be around to receive their package.

Your deliveries benefit from a familiar experience with an operator that your customers already know and trust. By using Tracked with Signature your customers can sign up to email notifications so they can see updates on where their order is. Learn more about notifications.

Delivery days Delivery window Process if item can’t be delivered Network of access points
Monday – Sunday 3 times per week for rural areas, 5 time per week for country areas, once per day for cities, and up to 3 times a day in major cities such as Beijing. >Two to three delivery attempts
>SMS sent
>Card left if customer out
>Item retained for 7 days before being returned to sender
Around 54,000 post offices

Use Royal Mail to improve your marketplace presence

Online marketplace sellers are strongly placed to sell to the Chinese market with Royal Mail International. We can help you enter and grow your ecommerce business in China due to our well-established marketplace presence. 86% of Chinese online shoppers use online marketplaces, with Tmall being the most popular, we have store presence to help you tap into this marketplace. 78% of online shoppers say they have bought from this Alibaba-owned site so why not use our storefront to access this customer base of over 500 million. UK brands are already benefitting from our Tmall store and ecommerce solutions, and you can too. We have:

  • An in-country customer service team that can provide translated communications seven days a week (with the exception of Chinese New Year holiday)
  • Seamless delivery services, including Tracked with Signature to give a more transparent experience to your customers
  • Opportunities for marketing activity on our official Wechat/Weibo social media accounts.

Electronic customs data

Making the customs process easier can only be a good thing as more and more countries are requesting electronic customs data, including China. Find out what you need to do.

Check the status of deliveries around the world

For the latest updates on any delays with deliveries to countries and territories, see our International incidents bulletin.


* Of Chinese online shoppers, average based on a sample group of 1,500 online shoppers in China who had purchased items on the internet in the three months preceding 30 April and 13 May.