Your Royal Mail Christmas collections (2017)

So we can help deliver a great Christmas for you and your customers, it’s really important we know when you’re open or closed and when you need us to collect from you over the festive period. Please tell us your plans by Sunday 10 December. Simply fill in the boxes below and we’ll do the rest.

To save you time, if you plan on shutting up shop from Monday 18 December until the new year, just enter your address details here and we won’t bother you again.

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Please Note:

We will be collecting from you at the usual times; this includes Friday 22 December. If you normally have a collection on Saturday, this will be made at the usual time on 23 and 30 December.

Collections are not available on 25 and 26 December as well as 1 January 2018.

There will be no collections made in Scotland on Tuesday 2 January 2018.

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What happens next..?

Once you submit this form, we’ll send you an acknowledgement email, confirming your requirements. Please keep this email safe and share with any of your colleagues who need to be aware of your collection request.

Further general information and updates about our Christmas arrangements continue to be available at:

A word about your deliveries over the festive period...

Please note we will be delivering to you as normal over the festive period, excluding 25 and 26 December as well as 1 January 2018. There will be no deliveries in Scotland on Tuesday 2 January 2018.

If you are going to be closed for a period of time, we can hold onto your mail and deliver it when you return. Apply for a Business Keepsafe™ at giving us as much notice as possible, at least 5 days.