Windmills and Watermills Special Stamps

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Image of Windmills and Watermills Special Stamps (from Royal Mail)

Some of the UK’s windmills and watermills are over 400 years old and many are still in working order. As a tribute to these iconic structures, we have selected three windmills and three watermills from around the UK, including Nutley Windmill, Cheddleton Flint Mill and Ballycopeland Windmill. The range of souvenirs and gifts includes a Presentation Pack, Postcards and a Stamp Souvenir.

Presentation Pack

• Displays all six of the issue’s Special Stamps.

• The fully illustrated pack explores the origins and history of windmills and watermills in the UK.

• Written by mills expert Martin Watts.


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Stamp Set

• Six pristine Special Stamps presented in three vertical se-tenant pairs.

• Photography by acclaimed photographer Philip Sayer.


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Stamp Souvenir

• A superb memento of the nation’s windmills and watermills.

• Cancelled with the Old Mill, Callington handstamp dated 20 June.

• Available for three months from this date.


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