Please note that an important change regarding Business Mail with the Advanced option took effect on 4th November 2013. This change requires you to add a Licence barcode to mail pieces when purchased on account (nb this change does not affect Business Mail Advanced purchased through a franking meter). As we appreciate that you may have existing stocks of mail pieces that won’t carry the new barcode, you have until 7th November 2014 to exhaust existing stocks. For more information including a step-by-step guide as to what you need to do to comply with these changes please see the special section below titled ‘4th November 2013 term changes’.

Business Mail is the perfect solution for your general business correspondence and transactional mail, such as bills, statements or invoices. You can:

  • customise your mailing options to meet your business needs
  • get discounts on quantity, address accuracy and sorting
  • pay through your Online Business Account (OBA).