Interested in becoming a Mail Made Easy provider?

At Royal Mail MarketReach we show businesses across the UK just how effective mail can be in generating new customers and sales.

In 2012 we created Mail Made Easy to connect small businesses with mail producers who can help them harness its power for marketing campaigns. Since then almost 600 businesses have completed a mailing under the Mail Made Easy programme. Of those, 75% continue to use mail today.

In light of this success, we are seeking applications from mail producers nationwide to join the Mail Made Easy directory.

To qualify you will need to be a UK business, meet our financial criteria and be able to demonstrate you are already selling and producing direct mail. Once your application has been approved, your business will be added to our directory on

It’s free to join

Businesses interested in Mail Made Easy will have the opportunity to connect directly with you to discuss their marketing needs. And with the Royal Mail website receiving almost 1 million unique small and medium sized business visitors each month, it could also be a useful shop window for your brand.

Using the Mail Made Easy directory to promote your business is a valuable opportunity to generate new leads, increase your reach and gain new customers.

Joining is free, so apply today. 

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