Mail Made Easy - First Time User savings

Mail Made Easy - First Time User savings

Whether you’re new to direct mail or haven’t used it for a couple of years, enjoy a 20% postage credit on your first three campaigns with Mail Made Easy.

We want everyone to see for themselves how direct mail can boost business and bring in customers. So we’ll give you 20% postage credit on up to three mailings over the next year. You can also receive 20% off selected Royal Mail data services until 17th April 2017.*

*Terms and eligibility apply, including minimum spend thresholds. You can also qualify for these savings by using our services independently, as well as through a Mail Made Easy partner.

Who can qualify for First Time User savings?

Here’s how to get the savings…

New to direct mail

To qualify for 20% postage credit, you’ll be new to mail or won’t have used it in the past two years.

Send at least…

6,000 letters* in each of three direct mail campaigns to qualify for the postage credit.

Use an online business account

You’ll receive the savings via your Royal Mail account (your Mail Made Easy partner will have one if you don’t). Or we can set one up for you.

*Based on High Sort, Economy, Letter mailing using Advertising Mail of 6,000 items.
Average postal cost per item around 20p.

Why choose marketing mail for your business?

Marketing mail can create a closer connection with customers and prospects than digital channels. Marketing mail makes customers feel more valued and can inspire them to choose your business:

  • Comparing mail to email, 63% of people said they’re more likely to take mail seriously and 57% said it made them feel more valued. Compared to 18% and 17% for email.
  • People keep advertising mail in the home for up to 17 days, making your message much more likely to be seen.
  • 87% of people were influenced to buy online having received direct mail.

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