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Businesses are communicating with consumers in more diverse ways than ever. Within this new media ecosystem, Direct Mail remains hugely popular with advertisers. Adding mail to your marketing mix is a powerful, cost effective tool to get more revenue from your current customers, reactivate old ones as well as find new customers too. 

It works because advertising mail is a unique and significant point at which communications become personal and actionable in the following ways:  

Mail in the home 

A single piece of mail can have significant impact, and presents multiple opportunities to be seen by members of the household.

Mail in the head

Recipients experience higher levels of emotional engagement and better remember a message received through mail.

Mail in the heart

Direct mail lets you create a more genuine, two-way relationship with your customer.

Mail in the wallet

We can demonstrate that mail is effective at delivering an impressive Return on Investment.

To help small or medium sized business, harness the power of advertising mail, we have developed useful guides which show how Direct Mail and Door drops can build your business and also how to produce them.

You can also use our Mail Made Easy scheme which gives you access to a network of partners across the UK who can help you quickly and cost-effectively produce direct mail campaigns, while you focus on running your business.


Guides for SMEs

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