The arrival of digital media has made direct mail more effective than ever. Research shows that 86% of people said they have connected with a business as a result of receiving mail. And of those who value mail, 92% take action after receiving mail they found useful or interesting – from going online, to visiting a store, to making a purchase or discussing with friends. Mail stays around longer than digital too, so there are more opportunities to read and respond to its message. Add direct mail into any marketing campaign and you’ll boost ROI by 12%, on average.

Why don’t more companies use direct mail?

Christian Hoy runs CMR Insurance Services, a credit insurance specialist employing eight people. “We’re devoted to providing our customers with great service, and that means staying on top of their account needs. There’s not much time for anything else.”

Does this sound familiar to you? What if there was a partner company you could entrust with your direct mail activity? A company that would help with everything from finding suitable audiences, to developing and designing mailshots, and reporting on results. That’s where the Mail Made Easy partnership from Royal Mail comes in. We’ve approved a network of companies across the country that specialise in direct mail. Our partner companies work with businesses like yours – to find new customers, increase the value of your sales, retain customers for longer, and integrate with existing marketing campaigns.

The choice of partner is critical to the success of any direct mail venture. And since we want every business to share our enthusiasm for mail by experiencing its benefits we’ve chosen our Mail Made Easy partners with care. Some are specialists who concentrate on particular aspects of direct mail, while others are end-to-end providers. Services they offer will include:

  1. Data expertise:  Mail Made Easy partners can work with existing customer and prospect data – and introduce new data sources as required.
  2. Design and messaging: Partners can help you develop effective messaging and design.
  3. Print and fulfilment: From simple letters to more complex executions. Many partners will add addresses too. All use dependable Royal Mail services for final delivery.
  4. Monitoring and measurement: Your partner will provide delivery and response metrics so you can evaluate every campaign.
  5. Free expertise: Many of our partners can also help with suggestions on how to grow your business with direct mail and advice on campaign costs.

Getting started

A good first step is to have an initial conversation with a prospective partner from Mail Made Easy. They will talk you through the process of developing  a direct mail campaign, covering all the key issues; from timing considerations to integrating with your existing marketing activities. Your partner will want to learn more about your business and your goals. In return they’ll give a clear outline of their capabilities and how these could work for you. Conversations like this often help crystallise thinking about direct mail – and result in a concrete plan for an initial campaign to achieve your objectives. Many of our partners also have sector-specific expertise that they’ll be happy to share with you.

Good tip

A modest campaign to test mail’s effectiveness is a great way for companies new to the channel to get started. Working with a Mail Made Easy partner gives you easy access to a new channel that could grow into a significant source of new customers and revenue.

Follow these three easy steps to get started:

1. Choose an expert partner from our network of approved marketing mail professionals.

2. Complete the contact form to get in touch with your chosen partner for a no-obligation conversation about what you could get from direct mail.

3. Receive expert advice on all areas of marketing mail, from customer targeting through to design, print and delivery.



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Mail Made Easy

Unlock the power of marketing mail for your business, by partnering with a trusted direct mail provider.
  • Access a network of companies that produce mail across the UK
  • Find an expert local provider that offers the mailing services you need
  • Create your own mailings quickly and cost-effectively